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X-Rays services offered in the greater Pasadena, CA area

Setting the standard for innovation, customer service and efficient, effective physical medicine, Health Advantage has redefined what it means to be an alternative physical therapy and care facility by combining the enormous benefits from modern science with the profound impact that natural medicine can afford. In this way, we are able to provide an optimal experience for our patients with physical therapy professionals who are always ready to serve and technology that changes how we see your body—literally.

Digital X-rays are a giant leap in the medicinal world, as doctors are now able to reap the benefits of seeing your skeletal structure with significantly less exposure to radiation and instant, digital results. This means that we can see your spine clearer, easier, and faster so that we can provide the level of care that you need from your physical health facility. We’ll be certain of your current circumstance, whether you have sciatica, a herniated disc, or another ailment that can lead to pain.

While these machines are widely used in dentist’s offices, they are still new to the chiropractic field, but we have seen the remarkable benefits caused by them already. We are able to help our patients more affordably, without the added cost of traditional X-ray film while being able to view their results in any area of our facility from a computer. This makes it easier for us to collaborate with our other on-staff doctors, share ideas, and find you the best options so that you can have real results.

Call now for your free consultation, and see how our facilities, our staff, and our services can provide you with a renewed health and wellness. We know you’ll be satisfied with our services—and that’s a guarantee.